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Slant/Fin Base/Line 2000 Baseboard Heaters

Base/Line 2000 is an economic, entry-level baseboard designed for cost-sensitive projects. Despite the low cost, this series meets all the requirements for a good baseboard - it is quiet, offers a complete range of installation accessories and allows for easy and inexpensive repair if needed.
We offer a full range of products in the Base/Line 2000 series, including full assemblies (enclosure + heating element, less end caps), enclosure/cover only, heating element and a wide selection of installation accessories - baseboard end caps, wall trim, splicing plates and others.
Base/Line 2000 baseboard assemblies come standard with E-75 element (3/4" copper sweat, 600 BTU output at 4GPM @ 180°F) and require only end caps or wall trim for a completed installation.
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