Hydronic System Feeders

Axiom brand water/glycol feeders for hydronic, radiant, snow melting and solar systems. PressurePal (MF200 & MF300) series are intended for use with standard hydronic, radiant and snow melting systems with operating pressure in the 10-25 psi range. SolarPal (MF200-S & MF300-S) series are designed for use in solar heating systems with static pressure in the 25-35 psi range. They are also suitable for higher-head hydronic/radiant/snow melt systems.

About Axiom Feeders

Glycol feeder and hydronic system feeder are terms often used interchangeably to denote a fluid-holding tank with automatic pressure-activated pump, which fills and pressurizes a closed-loop hydronic, radiant floor heating, snow/ice melting or solar system.

Axiom feeder allows to install a heating/cooling system independently from a potable water supply source – this means no backflow preventers, no unnecessary piping and no major flooding in the event of leaks in the system. The latter is of high importance, since in the event of leakage, only tank contents will be pumped out, whereas in a conventional installation, water will keep running until it’s shut off manually. All Axiom feeders come with diaphragm pumps which can run dry with no issues, low-level switches and a set of auxiliary contacts to connects to a low-level (fluid level) alarm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between Axiom PresurePal and SolarPal system feeders?
A: PressurePal are designed for typical systems with 10-25 psi operating pressure. SolarPal are designed for systems with 25-35 psi operating/static pressure (which is common with solar systems since solar collectors are often mounted high on the roof).

Q: Is pressure setting adjustable?
A: Yes: it is adjustable 10-25 psi for PressurePal and 25-35 psi for SolarPal.

Q: Are these units compatible with glycol?
A: Yes, up to 50/50 water/glycol mix.

Q: Does the feeder actually pressurize the system?
A: Yes. A pressure switch will turn the pump on when the system pressure falls below the feeder pre-set pressure.

Q: How easy it is to refill the unit?
A: All feeders have a 5" minimum opening which makes it easy to refill the unit and even to mix the solution inside.