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Poly Alloy PEX Crimp Fittings


About Poly PEX Fittings

Poly PEX fittings are manufactured from PPSU (PolyPhenylSUlfone) alloy which is a polymer originally produced around 1980’s and which exhibits excellent stability, strength, heat and chemical resistance properties.

These fittings are manufactured to ASTM F2159 standard and have crimp style PEX connections, which are compatible with PEX crimp or clamp connection methods.


PEX Tubing: All types (A, B, C) and brands of PEX tubing.
Connection Systems: Crimp Style (Copper Crimp Rings & Crimp Tool) or Clamp/Cinch Style (Stainless Steel PEX Cinch Clamps and Clamp Tool).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these fittings approved for potable water usage?
A: Yes. They are NSF certified for potable water use, meet NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 standards and are lead-free compliant in all 50 states.

Q: What are the pressure/temperature ratings?
A: 200°F max. operating temperature, 200 psi max. operating pressure.

Q: Is there any difference between black and white poly PEX fittings?
A: No. The color of the fitting has no effect on its’ dimensions, durability or performance ratings.

Q: Are they interchangeable with other brand poly fittings?
A: Yes, Everhot poly-alloy PEX fittings are a direct replacement for poly PEX fittings from Watts, Viega, Apollo, Nibco, Matco-Norca, Everflow, A.Y. McDonald and many other brands.

Q: Poly vs. Brass PEX fittings – which are better?
A: Poly fittings cost less and have superior resistance to chemicals, dezincification and oxidation than brass fittings. The downside is that the inner diameter of poly-alloy PEX fittings is smaller then those of the brass and sweat adapters/elbows are not available.

Q: Can I use these for hydronic heating applications?
A: Yes.