Sillcocks and Hose Bibs

We stock a variety of frost free sillcocks and hose bibs from lead-free brass made by Matco-Norca. Available in 1/2" and 3/4" sweat or threaded connections.

About Sillcocks

The terms sillcock, hose bib, water spigot and outdoor faucet - all refer to the same type of valve used primarily in outdoor applications, such as irrigation, outdoor sinks and similar. These valves all have a 3/4" male garden hose outlet and typically have an angle outlet for convenience purposes. Many sillcocks have a mounting flange which allows installer to secure the valve to the exterior of the house with screws or other fasteners.
Majority of sillcocks have a multi-turn round handle and operate in a manner similar to a globe valve. Others have a 1/4-turn handle and utilize a ball valve type design.
The frost-free or frost proof sillcocks have a long tubular extension which, when installed, remains indoor and prevents the valve from freezing. These valves are required by code in many localities.