Installation Accessories

Installation Accessories

We carry a complete selection of accessories and parts for installation of PEX tubing and copper pipe in hydronic, radiant heating and plumbing applications.

Tube Talons

Tube talons with nails for securing PEX, copper and CPVC piping of various sizes to wooden surfaces, such as studs, beams and plywood.

Snap-in Clips

360-degree swivel design of snap-in PEX clips allows to install the clips first and then snap in PEX tubing.

Copper Stub-Out Elbows

Copper stub-out elbows for 1/2" and 3/4" PEX in various connection options and mounting ear on select models.

Ox Box Outlet Boxes

Outlet boxes for installation of washing machines, gas appliances, icemakers, lavatories and dishwashers.

Stub-Out Support Brackets

Adjustable metal brackets with and without pipe clamps for securing stub-out elbows or piping to wooden or metal studs.

Zip Ties

Nylon zip ties help to secure PEX tubing to wire mesh or rebar during installation of pipe in a concrete slab.

Floor Sleeve Supports

Support PEX tubing to wooden surfaces and protect it against damage when penetrating a floor level.

Pipe Clamps

Everhot and Sioux Chief brand regular and suspension type clamps for PEX, copper and CPVC pipes of sizes up to 2".

PEX Bend Supports

PEX plastic bend supports with ear and metal bend supports for plumbing and in-slab installation of PEX pipe.

Steel Plate Stud Protectors

Heavy-gauge, self-nailing plates in various sizes help to protect piping and wires from damage by drywall screws.

PEX Rails

Plastic PEX rails for installation of PEX piping in thin-slab and thick-slab (rebar or mesh reinforced) radiant heating applications.

Wire Mesh Clips

Plastic clips allow to easily secure 1/2" PEX to steel wire mesh in reinforced concrete slab installations.


Steel and plastic escutcheons provide an aesthetic, finished look for PEX and copper piping which penetrates walls and flooring.
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