Garden Hose Fittings

About Garden Hose Fittings

All garden hose fittings sold at PexUniverse have a standard 3/4" male or female (garden hose/faucet/sillcock/hose bib) universal connection and work with valves and hoses sold at our website and elsewhere (home improvement stores, plumbing suppliers, etc.). US standard garden hose thread (GHT) is 11.5 TPI (Threads Per Inch) and is often abbreviated as MGH or MGHT for male and FGH or FGHT for female connections.

Types of garden hose fittings:
1. Transition adapters (garden hose x threaded or sweat) – intended to provide a transition from garden faucet (sillcock) or garden hose to a threaded fitting or pipe. Select sizes have an inside tapping for copper pipe. Available in swivel and 1-piece construction.
2. Couplings (male or female) – used to connect two garden hoses together. Also available in 1-piece or swivel design.
3. Wyes (or splitters) – attach over the sillcock (garden faucet) and act as a distribution manifold to accommodate (2) or more garden hoses.
4. Caps – used to cap off a garden hose, faucet or an outlet.
5. Washers – round rubber washers are commonly used with all garden hose connections to prevent leakage. Included with select fittings – check product description.

Types of threads:
MGH (MGHT or Male GHT) – Male Garden Hose, same thread as on sillcocks, garden faucets or hose bibs.
FGH (FGHT or Female GHT) – Female Garden Hose, same thread as on the female end of the garden hose.
MPT (MIP or Male NPT) – Male Threaded on the outside.
FPT (FIP or Female NPT) – Female Threaded on the inside.
Sweat – female (on all garden hose fittings we sell) copper sweat connection which accepts regular 1/2" copper pipe (5/8” OD).

Material types:
Brass – regular brass used in non-potable water applications. Lead-free brass – brass with lower than 0.25% lead contact surface, approved for potable water use nationwide.