Grinder Pumps

Grinder pumps are used in wastewater applications to grind the sewage waste into a fine slurry, preventing blockage of the pump impeller and drainage system. Available models include 1HP residential and larger (up to 2HP) commercial grinder pumps.

About Grinder Pumps

A grinder pump is designed to solve the problem of sewage blockage caused by diapers, gloves, food and other articles which clog a typical sewage pump system, resulting in downtime and added maintenance costs. A grinder pump incorporates a sharp, motor-driven blade which grinds the incoming waste into a slurry and allows it to be discharged without obstructing the drainage piping or the pump impeller.
While mostly used in commercial settings, like restaurants, shopping malls and other high-traffic institutions, smaller size grinder pumps can also be used in residential settings in place of traditional sewage pumps.

Automatic sewer grinder pump models incorporate a wide angle float switch which turns the pump on or off at designated water levels. Wide angle float is secured by a clamp to the pumps’ body and allows to adjust the length of the unsecured portion of the float to regulate the on/off levels.
Manual grinder pumps can be used for manual dewatering of sewage basins and collecting tanks or in combination with alarm/control panels for automatic operation.