PEX Expansion Fittings

About Expansion Fittings

Expansion fittings are intended for use with PEX-A tubing only, using expansion connection method. Poly expansion fittings in this category are a direct replacement for Uponor/Wirsbo EP series poly fittings and are compatible with hePEX and AquaPEX tubing brands as well as RAUPEX from Rehau and Mr. PEX tubing. These fittings are manufactured to ASTM F1960 standard, are lead-free compliant and are NSF certified for potable water applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Pressure/temperature ratings?
A: Up to 150 psi @ 210°F.

Q: Are these fittings compatible with Uponor ProPEX system?
A: Yes. They can replace Uponor fittings and can be installed using Uponor, Milwaukee and Everhot expander tools. Just like Uponor fittings, they require appropriate size expansion rings and are installed in the same manner.

Q: Are these fittings approved for potable water?
A: Yes. They are approved for potable water use and are lead-free compliant nationwide.

Q: What are these fittings made of?
A: Like most poly PEX fittings on the market, including Uponor, these are made using Radel polyphenylsulphone (PPSU) polymer, which has a long history of use in plumbing, medical and aerospace industries.

Q: Which fittings are better - brass or poly?
A: Poly fittings cost considerably less than brass and are not subject to price fluctuation commonly seen in copper-containing alloys. They also perform better in harsh conditions and are well suited for RO (Reverse Osmosis), chlorinated and other types of water, as well as variety of chemicals such as caustics, inorganic acids, select alcohols, detergents and many others. PPSU polymer is also inherently flame-retardant and is UL94 V0 rated. The only major downside of poly PEX fittings is absence of copper to PEX transition adapters, which must inherently be metal (brass).

Q: Are poly PEX expansion fittings dezincification resistant (DZR)?
A: Yes. Since they are made from polymer and not a copper-zinc alloy (i.e. brass), they are not subject to dezincification.