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Access Doors

Acudor is a leading US manufacturer of wall, ceiling and floor access doors and panels in plastic and metal construction for drywall, tile, masonry and variety of other surfaces.
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About Access Doors

Acudor access doors are intended to provide easy access to plumbing, mechanical, electrical, security systems, telephone, TV, computer cables, and sprinkler systems installed behind the wall or ceiling. All doors are made in America and available in a variety of sizes, types and materials to match specific installation requirements.

Access Door vs. Access Panel
These two terms are often used interchangeably, however, there’s a distinct difference between them. Access door assemblies have a hinged door (in most cases non-removable) which swings open to about 110-120 degrees, whereas access panel assemblies have no hinge and allow for full removal of the access panel. The latter are generally available only in lightweight plastic construction to facilitate removal and re-installation.

Flush vs. Recessed
Most access doors are flush-surface type, meaning the door will either be fully flush with the mounting surface (as in DW-5040 series) or protrude by a fraction of an inch (i.e. 1/16” for metal ED-2002 series and 1/8” for plastic PA-3000 series). Recessed doors are inherently recessed into the wall, may come without the outer wall flange and are commonly intended for installations where the door should blend in with the wall/ceiling surface and accommodate installation of tile and similar finishes.

Plastic vs. Metal Access Doors
Plastic access doors & panels offer an economical solution in many applications and are inherently rust and corrosion-proof. Their primary downside is a bulky construction which makes them highly visible even when painted. As such, most plastic doors are used in locations such as closets, laundry rooms and other low-traffic areas.
Metal access doors offer enhanced stability and durability and can be painted, tiled or wallpapered to blend in with the rest of the design. They can come in a variety of locking options which adds security and protection against tampering and unauthorized access.
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