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PEX Plumbing Tubing (Non-Barrier)


Everhot plumbing PEX is a non-barrier PEX-B type tubing. It is manufactured to ASTM F876/F877/F2023 standards, NSF certified for potable water applications (nsf-pw), complies with low-lead requirements and used for residential or light commercial potable water plumbing systems. Available in color coded coils for easy distinction between hot and cold water lines. Compatible with crimp, clamp, press and SharkBite connection systems.
LEAD-FREE Compliance: complies with U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) which took effect January 1st of 2014, NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G (nsf-pw-g), NSF/ANSI 372 for "lead-free" products for all of the USA.


More about Non-Barrier Plumbing PEX

Everhot Non-barrier PEX tubing is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe manufactured using silane method of cross-linking. It is a single-layer pipe with smooth inner surface and matte exterior and comes in red and blue colors for easier distinction between hot and cold water lines.
Due to higher flexibility, ease of installation and significantly lower cost, PEX plumbing pipe is increasingly growing in popularity as an alternative to copper pipes.


1/2", 3/4" and 1" PEX pipes sizes are the most common for residential and light commercial installations. The end use or application ultimately determines which size pipe to use, with most common being:

The size of Plumbing PEX is usually determined by the end use, or end application, with most common being:

1/2" PEX plumbing tubing is the most common of all sizes and is typically used in conjunction with PEX plumbing manifolds to carry hot or cold water to plumbing fixtures. 1/2" PEX is also the most cost-effective and one of the most flexible tubing sizes.

3/4" plumbing PEX pipe is generally used for main water distribution lines in small to medium sized residential homes and usually carries the supply of water from the water heater to the PEX manifold. Due to it's larger water carrying capacity, 3/4" PEX can also be used for plumbing fixtures which require high flow rates. These include shower jets, jacuzzi tubs and similar.

1" non-barrier PEX is typically used for water mains in medium to larger size residential homes.

3/8" PEX pipe can be used for plumbing fixtures with normal or less than normal water flow requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can plumbing PEX be used for heating applications?
A: Non-barrier PEX can be used in open-type heating systems, where all of the components (valves, pumps, fittings, etc.) are non-corrosive (brass, bronze, stainless steel). Non-barrier PEX cannot be used for traditional closed loop heating systems, since they contain contain cast iron or ferrous parts. For closed loop systems, oxygen barrier PEX must be used.

Q: Does Everhot Non-Barrier PEX comply with Lead-Free requirements?
A: Yes. It is in compliance with 2014 SDWA (Safe Drinking Water Act) and is certified by NSF for potable water applications.

Q: Is Everhot PEX a Type A, B or C tubing?
A: Type B (PEX-B). Some PEX-A manufacturers and distributors misleadingly use the term "Grade", however, it is not an appropriate term and is not an indicator of grade or quality of tubing. Letters A, B and C refer to methods used to produce the pipe - Peroxide (Engel), Silane and Irradiation (Electronic Beam) for A, B and C types respectively.
In general, the higher cost of the PEX-A tubing is associated with longer and more expensive manufacturing process. While it is true that PEX-A has higher cross-linking ration then PEX-B, it (PEX-A) generally has less uniform wall thickness (which consequentially requires expensive proprietary fittings and tools), has lower bursting pressure (data from independent testing), requires more energy to manufacture and most importantly, is believed by some professionals to be more subjective to hydrocarbon oxidation which accounts for lower lifespan of the PEX-A pipe.