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Kickspace Heaters

The Twin-Flo III series by Beacon Morris are USA-made kickspace (toe-kick) heaters, designed to replace conventional baseboards in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, under stairs, etc. They are commonly installed on top of the floor beneath a kitchen cabinet or vanity and take up virtually no space.
A kickspace heater is a compact and efficient solution for extra heating needs which is easy to install and requires little or no maintenance.
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About Kickspace Heaters by Beacon Morris

A hydronic (hot-water type) kickspace heater is comprised of (2) main parts: an aluminum finned copper coil and an electric blower with a High-Off-Low switch. Kickspace heaters are generally installed as a branch-off from the main baseboard supply/return lines - in this case, a monoflo/venturi tee fitting may be needed (see manual for installation diagram).

How It Works

Hot water from a boiler, water heater or other source is circulated through the finned copper coil inside the kickspace heater (in a manner similar to a regular baseboard), while built-in fan slowly blows the hot air into the room (both air intake and discharge are through the front grill). The heater has a switch (High - Off - Low) on the front panel which allow to select fan speed or turn it Off as needed.
By default, kickspace heater will turn on when hot water temperature is at or above 120°F. If temperature falls below 105°F, blower turns off until temperature is increased again. It is also possible to lower the operating temperature range to 95-110°F by using a low-temp aquastat (sold separately).
A flexible hose kit can be used to simplify piping connections in existing homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the inlet/outlet connection size?
A: It is 1/2" copper (5/8" OD) on all (3) models - K42/84/120.

Q: What's the electrical connection?
A: These units generally require a standard 115V hardwired power supply. It is also possible to use a power cord with 3-prong plug where allowed by code.

Q: Can i install the K series vertically?
A: No. K42/84/120 models are for horizontal mounting only.

Q: Can a kickspace heater be used in combination with a thermostat?
A: Yes, it can be used together with a line volt (115V) thermostat (see wiring schematics in the manual). In fact, thermostat may be a good choice for automatic control when multiple units are installed in the same heating zone and on the same supply pipe.

Q: Does it work for baseboard systems only or for radiant heating also?
A: Twin-Flo III series work with both, as long as the system operational temperature (hot water inside the pipes) is above 120°F. It is also possible to use with 110°F supply temperature by installing a low-temperature aquastat (BMKR02024-L01 for K42 & K84 or BMKR02024-L02 for K120 model).

Q: Will this unit work for cooling (with cold water instead of hot)?
A: No. The built-in aquastat only turns the fan on when the temperature exceeds 120°F.

Q: How to figure out precise temperature output of the unit?
A: BTU output will vary according to hot water temperature and GPM flow. See Technical Specs file for detailed information.

Q: Do I need to install an air vent or bleeder valve?
A: Yes, an air vent or a bleeder valve (Taco 417-3) would need to be installed on the supply line near the heater to prevent air pockets.

Q: Do these heaters require a return line to work?
A: No. The return line from the kickspace heater may be piped back to the hot water supply line. Details are on Page 4 of the manual.

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