Drain Pumps

Drain pump brands listed in this category include Little Giant, Liberty Pumps and SaniFlo. Each system (kit) contains a factory-assembled sump pump inside a plastic basin with drainage and venting inlets and outlets.

About Drain Pumps

Drain pumps (also known as "water removal systems") are used for accumulation and discharge of water, wastewater and condensate from bar, mop and multiple compartment utility/kitchen sinks, laundry trays, dehumidifiers, water softeners and others. These systems come fully pre-assembled and can be easily installed on top or above floor with no need for digging a sump pit.
Sump pumps included in each individual package are fully automatic and have model-specific On/Off levels, as well as size and number of inlet/discharge outlets, voltage and other operating parameters.

Little Giant and Liberty Pumps Water Removal Systems Comparison Chart

BrandModel/SeriesHPVoltageBasin CapacitySolids HandlingFlow @ 5ft of headMax HeadInlet / Discharge / Vent Size, FNPTMax. Temperature
Little GiantWRS-61/3115V, 230V5 gallons-45 GPM16 ft1-1/4"
WRSC-61/33.5 gallons-
WRS-9EN4/10115V5 gallons3/4"80 GPM32 ft
Liberty Pumps4041/3115V4.3 gallons3/8"34 GPM20 ft1-1/2"
4051/25.5 galons46 GPM34 ft (25ft at 180˚F)180˚F