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Water Hammer Arrestors

Sioux Chief water hammer arrestors listed here include Mini-Rester series arrestors for residential applications and Hydra-Rester series for commercial. They are available in a variety of models with PEX, sweat, threaded and compression connections for all common plumbing fixtures and appliances – sinks, toilets, washing machines, and others.
Made in USA and lead-free compliant.

About Water Hammer Arrestors

Water hammer arrestor, or “arresters” is a mechanical device designed to protect the plumbing system from the “water hammer effect”, caused by rapid closing of the water valve. This effect creates sudden spike in water pressure, which stresses the piping joints and systems' components and may cause them to fail or malfunction. Simplistic design of the water hammer arrestor incorporates an air chamber with a lubricated piston which acts like a cushion, compensating the sudden water pressure surges.

Sioux Chief water hammer arrestor incorporates a corrosion-resistant preformed copper chamber and a lead-free brass fitting (on select models). These units are well-built, second to none in quality and reliability and have been proven to outlast and outperform conventional air chambers. UPC/IPC listing and ASSE certification, together with a large variety of connections options, allow to install these arrestors both in existing and new construction where quick-closing or quater-turn shut-off valves are used.