Transition Couplings

We stock a wide range of Mission brand Band-Seal transition (specialty) couplings in sizes from 1" up to 4" for sewage, drain and soil applications utilizing cast iron (incl. extra heavy duty), plastic (PVC/ABS/CPVC), steel (black/galvanized), copper and tubular pipes. Mission Band-Seal specialty couplings are a direct replacement for Anaco-Husky Cremco and Fernco ProFlex series. Made in the USA.

About Mission Specialty Couplings

Specialty or "transition" couplings generally refer to the type of fittings comprised of a cylindrical shaped rubber gasket with internal pipe stop and a metal shield with worm gear style clamps attached around it - used to connect pipes of different types, materials and sizes together in a straight line.
Transition couplings are widely used in repair and remodeling industry, where older style piping need to be adapted/connected to the newer one.

Selecting proper type transition coupling based on pipe size & material

You can use our product filter above to match the coupling style or use detailed guidelines below:

Abbreviations: CI - No-Hub Cast Iron (Standard/Service type)
PL - Plastic (schedule 40 & 80 PVC, CPVC, ABS or PolyPropylene/PP)
ST - Steel (Black, Galvanized, Stainless)
K - Copper (K, L, M or DWV types)
XH - Extra Heavy No-Hub Cast Iron
T - Tubular (any gauge)
OD - Outside Diameter (of the pipe)

Note: some dissimilar material pipes have same or similar OD's in varying sizes - these will be noted as "corresponds to".

No-Hub Cast Iron (CI) pipe OD's:
1-1/2" (CI): 1.900" - also corresponds to 1-1/2" (PL/ST)
2" (CI): 2.350" - also corresponds to 2" (PL/ST/XH)
3" (CI): 3.350"
4" (CI): 4.380"

Plastic and Steel (PL & ST) have the same OD:
1" (PL/ST): 1.315" - also corresponds to 1-1/4" (K)
1-1/4" (PL/ST): 1.660" - also corresponds to 1-1/2" (K)
1-1/2" (PL/ST): 1.900" - also corresponds to 1-1/2" (CI)
2" (PL/ST): 2.375" - also corresponds to 2" (CI/XH)
3" (PL/ST): 3.500" - also corresponds to 3" (XH)
4" (PL/ST): 4.500" - also corresponds to 4" (XH)

All types of copper pipe (K) - whether K, L, M or DWV, have the same OD's:
1" (K): 1.125"
1-1/4" (K): 1.375" - also corresponds to 1" (PL/ST)
1-1/2" (K): 1.625" - also corresponds to 1-1/4" (PL/ST)
2" (K): 2.125"
3" (K): 3.125"
4" (K): 4.125"

Extra Heavy Cast Iron (XH) No-Hub OD sizes:
2" (XH): 2.380" - also corresponds to 2" (CI/PL/ST)
3" (XH): 3.500" - also corresponds to 3" (PL/ST)
4" (XH): 4.500" - also corresponds to 4" (PL/ST)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum torque for these couplings?
A: 60 in/lbs. We recommend a pre-set and pre-calibrated torque wrench.

Q: Do they have an internal stop?
A: Yes, there's an internal stop in the middle. These are not slip-type couplings which can freely slide over the pipe in any direction.

Q: What if I have a pipe type (material) not listed here?
A: Refer to the OD of the pipe and match it to the data provided above. Note that only rigid pipes can be used (no vinyl or rubber hoses, etc.)

Q: Do you have to use any sealant with these couplings?
A: No. Neither sealant nor chemical of any kind can be used.

Q: Are these fittings suitable for underground burial?
A: Although the manufacturer's instructions do not provide a clear answer, Band-Seal series couplings are listed as "Above-Ground Use". We suggest using Mission heavyweight/heavy-duty couplings instead to be sure.

Q: Are these Mission Band-Seal couplings interchangeable with Anaco-Husky Cremco and Ferco ProFlex?
A: Yes, they are. See individual listing for cross-reference information.