Connectors and Risers

About Connectors and Risers

This category includes rigid and flexible water supply connectors, gas connectors and water heaters connectors made by BrassCraft and Sioux Chief. All made in the USA.

Flexible plumbing supply connectors and risers

Flexible water supply connectors are used in plumbing applications to connect a hot or cold water line from a stop valve or shut-off valve to a fixture (i.e. faucet, toilet, bidet) or appliance (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.). Due to their flexibility, supply connectors can easily account for the distance and different alignment between the valve and the fixture. They are also commonly used in combination with recessed outlet boxes which conceal the shut-off valve and provide for an easier installation and more aesthetic-looking appearance.
Faucet connectors have a standard 3/8" OD compression inlet (which connects directly to the stop valve) and a 1/2" FIP (female threaded) outlet, which connects to the faucet's hot/cold water outlets. Nuts on both ends are brass and the FIP side includes a washer (no washer needed for the compression inlet).
Toilet connectors have a standard 3/8" OD compression inlet and a 7/8" FIP threaded ballcock outlet (standard size for all toilet tanks). Compression nut is brass. Ballcock nut is plastic, has wings for hand-tightening and comes with a conical washer.
Dishwasher supply connectors come with a 3/8" MIP threaded elbow, which accommodates installation of dishwashers with water inlet located underneath the appliance. The supply side of the dishwasher connector is a standard 3/8" OD compression. This connector type requires no washers.
Washing machine connectors have 3/4" female garden hose inlet and outlet which are standard for all US washing machines. Washers included.

Water heater connectors

A water heater connector is designed to connect a common water heater (storage or tankless, gas or electric) to hot/cold water plumbing lines in the house. They are required by code in many instances (especially with gas heaters and plastic piping) and offer easy transition from threaded connections to copper, PEX or CPVC. Their flexibility allows to take the guesswork out of the installation process and high-quality copper used by Sioux Chief in manufacturing will ensure life-long performance.

Gas connectors

Gas connectors are flexible corrugated stainless steel tubes used to connect a gas supply line to appliances and other equipment, including cooking stoves, furnaces, log lighters, etc. BrassCraft gas connectors we sell are polymer-coated for additional protection from corrosion which can be caused by cooking oils, cleaning chemicals and alike. All connectors have flare swivel nuts and include male, female (or both) MIP threaded transition adapters used to accommodate different appliance and gas valve sizes. Recommended for installation with Sioux Chief Ox Box gas outlet boxes or regular gas cocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between poly braided, steel braided and vinyl connectors?
A: Poly braiding is a higher quality construction which ensures protection from rust (caused by chemicals, condensate and urine) and mold growth. Poly braided connectors also have a more pleasing look compared to generic-looking steel braided connectors. We do not recommend using vinyl connectors as they reportedly leak and have plastic barbs (vs. brass) which tend to break, resulting in flooding and costly repairs. Likewise, we generally do not recommend the plastic (i.e. PEX) risers as they have all the disadvantages and practically none of the advantages of the poly braided connectors and copper risers.

Q: What's the difference between BrassCraft, Watts and Fluidmaster brand flexi connectors?
A: BrassCraft is manufactured in the USA for over 65 years and has quality superior to any other brand on the market, especially the imports. Considering the risks associated with flooding (caused by faulty or cheap connectors) and minimal price difference between different brands, BrassCraft is a simply smarter choice.

Q: Will I need special gaskets, Teflon tape or thread sealant?
Teflon (PTFE) tape and/or thread sealant are only needed for FIP/MIP (female/male) threaded connections. Compression and flare connections do not require either. If using a copper riser, you may apply some thread sealant over the ferrule - this will ensure a better seal and reduce chance of future leakage. All necessary gaskets are included with connectors/risers.

Q: How to I figure out a length of a flexi supply connector?
A: When selecting a supply connector or riser, it is important whether your shut-off valve is directly below the fixture water outlet. In this case, you may get a connector which is ~1-2” longer than the total vertical distance. The more these two are off (horizontally), the longer your connector would have to be. With flexi supply connectors, it is always better to get a longer one and “loop” it - this will reduce stress on the crimped hose and will allow it to last longer.

Q: Are BrassCraft connectors you sell Lead-Free?
A: Yes, all the plumbing water connectors and risers we sell are lead-free compliant. This also includes water heater connectors made by Sioux Chief.

Q: Can BrassCraft flexi connectors kink? If so, do I need to replace them?
A: BrassCraft states that their flexible connectors are kink-free, meaning that it will take considerable effort to kink one and it would not happen under normal conditions.

Q: Flexible connectors vs. risers - which is better?
A: Often, this is a matter of personal preference of the installer. While flexible connectors are generally more popular due to ease of installation, some opt for hard risers since they are 100% copper on the inside and have no plastic/rubber tubes which can degrade in harsh water conditions. Copper risers are also inherently puncture-resistant and can offer a better finished look. Depending on the length of the connector, the price difference between risers and flexi connectors can become substantial. There are pros and cons for each type and yet both are quite popular.

Q: Do risers come with nuts?
A: No. If you’re installing a new faucet or a toilet, it will come with an appropriate nut by default. For repair or replacement, you would either have to use an existing nut or purchase a new one.

Q: What are “KC nosepiece” risers?
A: These risers have a 3/8” OD compression connection (nut & sleeve included) which can be installed over a 3/8” OD copper tube or used to extend the riser as needed.

Q: Are risers compatible with push fittings?
A: Yes, all risers are 3/8” OD and will work with 1/4” push fittings and 3/8” OD compression fittings also.