Plumbing Pressure Relief Valves

Adjustable (calibrated), fixed pressure and t&p (temperature & pressure) relief valves for hot and cold water plumbing applications, including water heaters, storage tanks, low capacity pump, passive solar and many other uses.

Plumbing Pressure Relief Valve Applications

The most common applications include:
Water heaters - storage type hot water heaters utilize T&P or Temperature & Pressure type relief valves which combine protection from both over-pressure and over-temperature, while tankless water heaters use pressure-only relief valves.
Pumps - installed after a pump, relief valves help to protect the equipment and components from excessive pressure caused by blockage in the line, over-pumping (malfunctions/incorrect settings) and other conditions.
Water & well tanks - installed on the supply line leading to a water storage tank, they can effectively protect the tank from excessive pressure.

Plumbing PRV Types

  • Water heater PRV's - a general name given to relief valves used with storage and tankless water heaters.
  • T&P relief valves - these incorporate protection both from over-temperature and over-pressure. Commonly used with storage type water heaters, indirect tanks and other hot water vessels.
  • Cold water water PRV's - a general name for relief valves with no test lever, intended for use on fresh water pump lines, well tanks or next to pressure regulating valves.