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Adey MagnaClean Magnetic Boiler Filters & Parts

Top-of-the line magnetic boiler filters/dirt traps - effectively catch and retain the most common fouling agent in a hydronic heating system - rust. MagnaClean is an all-in-one solution with built-in isolation shut-off valves for quick and easy cleaning. MagnaClean minimizes maintenance costs and downtime and is ideally suited both for newer, high-efficiency boilers and for standard cast iron boilers..
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Why use Adey?

The problem: the ever-increasing use of high-efficiency boilers and circulators has revealed their weakness to a common agent found in nearly every heating system - magnetite, or simply - rust. The source of rust can be the municipal water, cast iron radiators, curculator itself, an air scoop or any other. Rust interferes with normal operation of boiler and circulator sensors, reduces system efficiency and causes early equipment failure or results in frequent maintenance, downtime and additional expenses.

The solution: Adey is the first company which has decided to fundamentally tackle the magnetite problem and create a product which is affordable, effective and user/installer-friendly. These are just some of the benefits which sets Adey MagnaClean apart from the rest:
1. Powerful magnets easily attract and hold even the smallest rust particles.
2. Optimal size chamber also slows down water velocity allowing non-magnetic particles to settle at the bottom. A drain port allows for quick non-magnetic sediment removal without shutting off the system.
3. Isolation shut-off valves allow for quick and easily filter cleaning.
4. Air bleeder valve on top allows for quick air purging and can be replaced with optional air vent to function as a air/dirt combi eliminator.
5. Contractor-friendly design - all MagnaClean filters are bi-directional, fit multiple pipe types and sizes (threaded, sweat, press - adapters included) and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Only (3) models - Micro2, Pro2 and Pro2XP cover nearly all residential applications with boiler pipe sizes from 3/4" up to 1-1/4".

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are MagnaClean filters collect rust only or other debris/particles as well?
A: MagnaClean is effective against all types of particles suspended in water. Rust is generally the most common issue which interferes with normal operation of internal system components and MagnaClean is designed to tackle this specific issue plus common sediment found in hydronic heating system water.

Q: Do these filters protect against rust/scale formation?
A: MagnaClean essentially collects rust and other debris suspended in water from the system and prevents it's build-up on boiler heat exchanger, temperature/pressure/flow sensors, etc. It is important to understand that these filters do not prevent rust formation or scale/lime build-up. For such purposes, rust inhibitors and system cleaners should be used periodically (such as Adey MC1+ and MC3+).

Q: Can rust inhibitor or other chemicals be poured into the MagnaClean canister?
A: Yes. However - keep in mind that the size of the canister is not very large (0.07 gal on Micro2, 0.15 gal on Pro2 and 0.22 gal on Pro2XL), so depending on the volume of the system water, the chemicals may have to be added in several steps (not all at once).

Q: What is the best place in the system to install a boiler filter?
A: The best place is on the return line just before the boiler, since this is the most expensive piece of equipment.

Q: Which system types is Adey MagnaClean compatible with?
A: These filters are compatible with all heating system types - with cast iron radiators, hydronic baseboards, radiant floor heat, forced air, etc. High efficiency boilers, cast iron boilers and systems with iron-rich water or lots of cast iron components will obviously benefit the most.
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