Shut-off, balancing, regulating, purging and other type valves for plumbing and heating applications from industry leading manufacturers, including Honeywell, Taco, BrassCraft and others.

Ball Valves

Regular and lead-free brass ball valves in sizes 1/4" through 2" with threaded, sweat and union connections and optional drain outlets on select models.

Stop Valves

Angle and straight outlet stop valves in lead-free brass with 1/4-turn or multi-turn options and PEX, compression, sweat or threaded connections.

Drain Valves

Boiler drain valves are used to drain water from a boiler, water heater, storage tank or from any point in a plumbing or hydronic heating system.

Check Valves

In-line spring and swing type check valves, as well as other 1-way valves in regular brass and low-lead options.

Gas Ball Valves

Gas ball valve is used to shut off flow of natural, propane or manufactured gas to a gas heating appliance or equipment. Available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sizes.

PVC Ball Valves

Solvent-weld (glue) and NPT threaded PVC ball valves in sizes 1/2" - 2" with 1/4-turn handle. NSF certified.

Sillcocks & Hose Bibs

Variety of sillcocks and hose bibs in regular and low-lead options for indoor and outdoor applications. 1/2" and 3/4" sizes.

Backwater Valves

3", 4" and 6" Sioux Chief ProCheck series backwater valves for direct access, shallow bury or deep-bury backflow prevention applications.

Gate Valves

Gate valves are commonly used in hard to access locations due to their compact size and minimal flow restrictions.


Threaded Y-strainers with plug in regular and lead-free bronze construction. Available in sizes from 1/2" up to 2".

Zone Valves

Wide range of Taco and Honeywell brand zone valves for zone control in hydronic and radiant floor heating systems.

Mixing Valves

Anti-scald and thermostatic mixing valves for residential and commercial hot water plumbing and hydronic heating applications.

Pressure Valves

This category includes pressure relief, reducing and regulating valves from leading manufactures, including Honeywell, Taco and Zurn.

Pump Flange Valves

Circulator pump isolation valves for use with Taco, Grundfos, Wilo, Armstrong and other brand circulators.

Purge and Fill Valves

An innovative time-saving design from Webstone Valves for purging, draining or filling a hydronic, radiant or solar system.

PVC Check Valves

In-line, spring-loaded PVC check valves with solvent-weld (glue) and NPT threaded connections in all sizes from 1/2" to 2".

Purge Tees

Primary/secondary valves allow for power-purging of individual hydronic circuits and are precision manufactured to achieve proper hydraulic separation.

Flo Checks

Cast iron and bronze check valves made by Taco help to increase systems’ efficiency by eliminating gravity flow.

Radiator Valves

Heavy-duty steam radiator valves and fittings for new installation or replacement of existing steam radiators.
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