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Liberty Effluent Pumps & Systems

We offer a wide range of manual and automatic submersible effluent pumps, alarms, controls and parts for septic and gray water applications.

About Effluent Pumps

A Liberty effluent pump is designed to handle effluent waste most commonly in septic tank applications. It’s capable of pumping grey water with solids ranging in size from 3/8" to 3/4" (depending on the model) and commonly has a 1-1/2" discharge size. Effluent pumps have a high head range specifically designed to handle elevation typical for deep septic systems.
Automatic effluent pumps come with a float switch which turns them on or off automatically when grey water level rises or falls. Manual models can only be operated manually by plugging them into an electrical outlet or may be operated automatically when coupled with an external control.