Vinyl Tubing

Sioux Chief manufactures top quality vinyl tubing for handling a wide range of liquids – from beverage and potable water, to acids, alkali, solvents and many others. Made in the USA. FDA approved and lead-free compliant.
Need fittings? We stock a large selection of brass barbed fittings, PVC barbed insert fittings (Sch 40) and worm gear hose clamps.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this tubing food-safe?
A: Yes, it is FDA listed, NSF 51/61 compliant, lead-free and approved for food grade applications (i.e. beverages, water, lab uses, etc.)

Q: Is this a domestic or import product?
A: Sioux Chief vinyl tubing is made in the USA.

Q: Is this tubing pressure rated?
A: Yes. The maximum pressure is 55 psi at 70°F. Maximum operating temperature (for non-pressurized use) is 175°F.