Honeywell Aquastats

Single function and multi-function aquastats for high limit, low limit and circulator residential applications with fixed, adjustable and manual reset temperature differential.

About Honeywell Aquastats

Aquastat is a Honeywell’s registered trademark and is a device used for temperature control in hydronic heating systems. High limit aquastats regulate boiler burners operation when thermostat call for heat. Low limit type aquatats are used with tankless coils to maintain water temperature inside the boiler outside the heating season (summer). Available in horizontal, vertical and strap-on mounting options and fixed, variable or manual reset differential temperature settings.

Multi-Function Aquastats

Honeywell L8148 aquastat relays have 2 SPST high limit & circulator switching action, fixed temperature differential and 0.2A anticipator setting. Models available for both oil and gas applications.

L8148 triple aquastats combine high limit protection with low limit and circulator control in hydronic heating applications. Fixed temperature differential and 0.2A anticipator setting.

“U” series universal oil aquastat with a 2F accuracy, adjustable high and low limit differential and outdoor reset functionality. 3 SPST switching action - high limit, low limit and circulator.

Single Function Aquastat Controllers

L4006 and L6006
These series includes direct or well immersion aquastat models. L4006 series have SPST normally closed (break on rise) switching action on all models except “B” series. Manual reset on select models. L6006 series have SPDT switching action.

L4008 and L6008
Remote bulb capillary aquastats for remote temperature sensing applications in boilers, tanks and other containers. L4008 series has SPST normally closed (break on rise) switching action and manual reset on select models. L6008 models have SPDT switching action.