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PEX Plumbing

Browse our complete selection of PEX plumbing supplies below. We carry all the materials required for the installation - from tubing and fittings to manifolds, tools and accessories.

About PEX Plumbing

PEX represents an ever-growing trend in plumbing which started nearly three decades ago. Today, it is approved for use in all states with exception of some metro areas and is a preferred piping of choice of professionals and homeowners alike.
Plumbing with PEX offers many advantages over traditional rigid pipe systems and in many areas, has completely replaced copper and CPVC pipes.

Some of the advantages of Plumbing with PEX are:
  • Lower cost - PEX can cost 4-6 times less then copper pipes.
  • Faster installation - significantly fewer connections then in rigid piping systems means quicker installation.
  • High flexibility - PEX comes in continuous length rolls and does not require as much couplings as copper, brass or CPVC pipes. PEX can make 90-degree bends without using elbows and without reduction in flow pressure.
  • Reliability - fewer concealed connections mean lower chances of leakage. Straight runs of PEX from an accessible manifold can rule out leakages entirely.
  • Corrosion resistance - PEX is inherently resistant to corrosion and can be used with chlorinated water or water with low pH level (acidic).
  • Resistance to bursting - PEX expands and contracts when water temperature changes and therefore is more resistant to busting from freezing then metal pipes.
PEX can be easily integrated into the existing plumbing system or entirely replace an older PB, copper or brass pipe system. A typical installation would require PEX tubing itself, PEX fittings, choice of either crimp or clamp tools with appropriate rings and a PEX cutter. Using a PEX copper manifold is optional, but is highly recommended, especially for whole-house plumbing. A wide range of accessories, such as tube talons, pipe clamps and stub out elbows will help to secure the pipe and simplify the installation process.

All PEX plumbing pipe and plumbing manifolds sold at PexUniverse.com is approved for potable (drinking) water and complies with “lead-free” regulations. When selecting fittings and valves, be sure to get only the products marked as “lead-free”, as they are the only ones compliant with 2014 SDWA. All Ox Box outlet boxes, stub out elbows and water heater adapters are also compliant. Other accessories which do not come in contact with water do not require approval.