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Utility Pumps

Utility pump is typically used for intermittent water transfer or dewatering applications such as draining a water heater or a small pool or transferring water from one location to another.
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Utility Pump Types

The majority of utility pumps are designed for handling only clean water without any sediment, oils, chemicals or additives and are therefore called “utility water pumps”. They can be categorized into non-submersible (in-line), submersible and portable types.

In-Line Utility Pumps

In-line, or non-submersible type of utility pumps are manual type, designed for use in out-of-water applications only. Their distinctive difference is (2) outlets to which garden hose or other piping is connected. Since their motor has little or no overheat protection, these pumps can only be used intermittently with run and “cool-off” time specific to each model.

Submersible Utility Pumps

A submersible utility pump can be fully submerged into water and can be either manual or automatic type.

Portable Utility Pumps

A portable utility pump, whether submersible or non-submersible, is suited for frequent use in various applications, generally has a durable body, a handle and convenient means for connecting and disconnecting the water hose or piping.

Manual utility pump is operated by plugging the power cord into the electrical outlet. These can be used for on-demand dewatering of basements, pools and similar submersible applications.
An automatic utility pump comes with a water sensing switch or a float which turns the pump On or Off automatically as water level rises or falls.
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