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Condensate Pumps

Condensate removal pumps are designed for accumulation and/or discharge of the water condensate, which is a typical byproduct of operation of refrigeration (AC, mini-split, etc.), heating (condensing boiler) or steam system. We carry a wide range of condensate pump models from Liberty Pumps.
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About Condensate Pumps

Condensate pumps are often called “condensate removal pumps” and are used to remove the condensate produced by heating and cooling equipment. Since condensate often has traces of chemicals, microbes and other undesired media, it should be properly disposed of in accordance with local codes and regulations.

Most of the residential and light commercial condensate pumps are automatic type pumps built into a condensate accumulation tank or basin and operated by an integral float switch located in the basin. The pump is typically equipped with a check valve on a discharge outlet which prevents the backflow of the condensate and overflowing or the tank. Select models also come with vinyl tubing and a mounting bracket for securing the pump to the wall.
In-pan condensate pumps do not have a storage tank and are placed directly into the equipments’ condensate pan.

Factors to consider when choosing a condensate removal pump

Tank capacity

Holding capacity of the condensate accumulation tank is generally within 1/3 - 1 gallon range for residential and light commercial applications, with 1/2 gallon being the most common size. Capacity of the tank is determined by the rate of condensate accumulation and will have an effect on the frequency of on/off cycles of the condensate pump.


Popular condensate pump models come either with 1/30 or 1/50 HP motor, adequate for discharging the condensate in most residential applications. Pump flow chart or “pump curve” can be consulted to determine the flow capacity at given elevation.

Safety Switch

Safety switch is an optional feature present on select models which activates when overflow of condensate is detected in the tank due to malfunction of the pump, excessive condensate production or other issue. The switch on most models is 24V and can be wired to an external alarm or to a thermostat to shut down the heating or cooling equipment.