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About Hose Barb Fittings

Hose barb style fittings have wedge-shaped barbs which facilitate connection of a flexible polymer hose made from vinyl (PVC), latex and other natural and synthetic compounds.

Selecting the correct fitting size for your applications
The size of a hose barb fitting corresponds to the ID (inside diameter) of the hose/tubing it is used with. For instance, a 3/8” ID hose would require 3/8” hose barb fitting.

Connection methods
The two most common methods of securing a hose barb fitting inside the hose are with a standard worm-gear type clamp or a cinch (also known as pinch) clamp and a cinch tool.
Worm-gear clamps are generally easier to install since they are adjustable and require no special tools or calibration. The downside is that they are primarily designed for low-pressure applications and are not as secure as cinch clamps.
Cinch clamps cost less (per piece) and provide a more even compression over the surface of the tubing and therefore are better suited for higher pressure applications. The downside is necessity to carefully select the proper clamp size to ensure a leak-free connection.

Compatibility with different hose types
There are no definite requirements for the material or thickness of the hose with an exception that the tubing should be elastic – that is to be able to compress over the fittings’ barbs without being damaged. Among the most common hose materials used with hose barb fittings are vinyl (PVC) and latex.