Korky Toilet Repair Parts

Korky Toilet Repair Parts

Korky is a division of Lavelle Industries, focused on domestic manufacturing of toilet flappers, fill valves, flush valves, gaskets and other top-quality toilet repair and replacement parts.

Korky Flappers

Korky replacement flappers for TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, Mansfield, Eljer, Briggs and many other toilet brands.

Korky Fill Valves

Korky QuietFILL, Platinum, PRO GRADE and other models replace noisy, running or non-refilling fill valves for all major toilet brands.

Korky Flush Valves

Adjustable height and fixed height universal replacement flush valves for toilet tanks with 2” or 3” drain openings.

Korky Toilet Tank Levers

Universal replacement toilet tank levers are adjustable to fit all toilet brands and various tank mounting types – front, side, angle, down.

Korky Tank-to-Bowl Gaskets

Universal tank-to-bowl gaskets, kits and hardware for 2-piece (separate tank & bowl) toilets with 2” or 3” tank drain openings.

Korky WaxFREE Toilet Seals

Wax-free toilet gaskets by Korky are efficient, mess-free, all-in-one alternative to wax gaskets. Universal fit for 3” or 4” drains.

Korky Plungers

Korky universal, non-marking plungers for use with all toilet brands and all types and shapes of toilet bowls.
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