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PEX Rails

PEX Rails are used in installation of PEX tubing in thin (up to 1-1/2") and thick (up to 6") cement slabs (concrete, gypsum, other thermal mass).
PEX Rails can be installed over existing slab (secured with concrete nails with washers), secured to rigid foam slab insulation or secured to the rebar or wire mesh with wire ties or zip ties.
Rails are installed first, then PEX tubing is snapped into the rail channels and finally, the concrete/gypsum or other thermal mass is poured on top.
PEX Rails allow for a much faster installation compared to traditional methods, since tubing channels are spaced out evenly across the rail. Heat distribution is also improved, as even tubing layout delivers a more even heat distribution.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many PEX Rails will I need for my slab?
A: Typically, PEX Rails are installed at 2.5-3ft apart. 100ft of PEX Rails can cover an area 250-300 sq. ft.
For PXR12 model rails, when installed at 3ft spacing, bundle of 16 (3.8ft long) rails is sufficient for areas of approximately 185 sq. ft.
For PXRALL model PEX rails, box of 100 pcs can cover area of approximately 950 sq. ft when rails are 3ft apart.

Q: How do I secure them?
A: If you have a structural slab with rebar or wire mesh reinforcement, rails can be secured to the reinforcement with regular wire ties or zip ties. When installing on top of foam board insulation, use PEX Foam Board Staples to secure the rails through pre-drilled holes.

Q: Are these rails universally compatible?
A: PEX Rails are compatible with all PEX tubing types (A, B, C) and some PEX-AL-PEX sizes.
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