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Argo Electric Boilers

Argo "AT" Series C 240V electric wall-hung boilers are 100% efficient, compact and require no chimney/venting. These boilers are available in a wide range of sizes and are ideal for radiant floor heating, baseboards/radiators and backup heat applications for solar systems.

More About Argo Electric Boilers

Argo is a well known, trusted and established brand which makes top of the line electric boilers. Their boilers are made in the USA and unlike many other manufacturers, utilize a solid cast iron heating vessel (heat exchanger or heating element immersion chamber) which is backed by a 20-year warranty.
Heating elements inside Argo boilers are replaceable and affordable, whereas with some other brands, the entire vessel would need to be changed in case of element failure.
Argo boilers are suitable both for radiant heating applications (140°F supply temperature) and hydronic baseboard/radiator applications (180°F supply), making them a versatile solution for any hydronic or radiant floor heating project.
Note: Argo AT series C electric boilers do not come with a flow switch, which is not mandatory, but may be required by code in some localities. Please check the code prior to installation - if a flow switch is needed, select from a list of compatible models.