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PEX Valves

Complete range of PEX ball valves and PEX stop valves for all types, sizes and brands of PEX tubing.

About PEX Valves

Projects which involve installing PEX for plumbing applications would require using PEX valves for shut-off, maintenance and repair purposes. The main difference of these valves from regular valves of the same types is their connections, which are adapted for the installation of PEX tubing without the use of additional transition adapters.
All valves sold on PexUniverse.com either feature a crimp style PEX connection or are push-fit (push-to-connect) type, both being compatible with all brands and types (A, B, C) of PEX pipe.

PEX Ball Valve Types and Applications

PEX type ball valves are 2-way, full-port valves with a 1/4-turn handle and have equal size PEX crimp style connections on both ends. They are suitable both of plumbing with PEX and for heating applications and are installed in-line with the pipe using crimp or clamp connection methods.
PEX x Copper type valves are similar to the above but have one of the sides adapted to the installation of copper pipe. These valves allow to transition between PEX and copper and are often used in combination with copper manifolds.
Push-fit valves, also called “push-to-connect”, allow to install a PEX shut-off valve without using any PEX tools or rings and also offer convenient means of transitioning between PEX and copper pipes.
Most of the above are available in both lead-free brass for installation in plumbing systems and compliance with “low-lead” regulations, as well as regular brass, which costs less and is suitable for heating (non-potable) applications.

PEX Stop Valve Types and Uses

A stop valve is used to shut off the water flow to the plumbing fixture or appliance during the construction and after - for maintenance and repair purposes. Stop valves are either angle or straight type. Angle stop valves have an inlet and outlet positioned perpendicular to each other and are used when PEX pipe stubs out of the wall. Straight valves have a straight-through inlet and outlet and are most commonly installed when pipe comes out of the floor. Inlet connections on these PEX valves are compatible with all PEX tubing types and crimp/clamp connection system. Outlets are compatible with standard braided, metal or plastic risers of appropriate sizes.
All PEX stop valves in this category are certified Lead-Free.