PEX Stop Valves

Stop valves with PEX inlet or outlet connections are used to shut off the flow of hot and cold water to plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, dishwashers, etc. These valves are 1/4-turn style, have ASTM F1807/F877 PEX crimp style connections and are installed using crimp or clamp connection methods. Manufactured from lead-free brass and chrome plated for professionally looking appearance.

About PEX Stop Valves

1/4-turn stop valves with PEX connections are shut-off ball valves with PTFE seat and metal ball operated by turning the valve handle 90 degrees. They are compact, more reliable then multi-turn valves and come in angle or straight types in a variety of connection sizes and options.
PEX stop valves are connected to PEX pipes which stub out from the wall or floor and are commonly installed in combination with pipe escutcheons which cover the holes and improve finished appearance. Connections on these valves are crimp style, conforming to ASTM F1807/F877 standards and are compatible with all types of PEX.

Frequently Asked Questions about this product

Q: How do I connect an outlet valve to the fixture?
A: There are two common and compatible options:
1. Use stainless steel or poly braided flexible connectors. They are easy to install, durable and require no special tools besides adjustable pliers or a crescent wrench.
2. Copper risers (often chrome plated, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, etc.) and PEX risers are thin and cost less then flexible connectors, but in most cases, will require a small pipe cutter to trim the riser to required length.

Q: What is the difference between Angle and Straight PEX stop valves?
A: If PEX tubing stubs out off the wall, you will need an Angle stop valve, to reverse the flow direction 90 degrees upwards. If your tubing stubs out from the floor, you will need Straight valves, to continue the vertical run of the tubing to the fixture.