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Pipe Hangers and Support

Types of pipe hangers and support clamps

Clevis Hangers - used to support horizontal pipe runs most commonly near the ceiling. They allow for lateral movement and some degree of adjustment, which makes them a #1 choice for supporting cast iron, PVC or ABS drainage pipes, where sloping the pipe is important. They are also commonly used for copper, black (gas), galvanized and brass piping. A clevis hanger requires a proper length threaded rod and a means to attach the same to a ceiling or beam (i.e. ceiling plate, beam clamp/connector or concrete anchor).

Riser Clamps - support the pipe where it runs vertically and penetrates a floor through an opening. Once secured over the pipe, wide flanges of the clamp distribute the load to the flooring around the opening and prevent the pipe from sliding down. They are suitable for most pipe types, including drainage (cast iron, PVC, ABS), gas (black pipe), water supply (copper, brass, galvanized) and others. A riser clamp does not require any additional components and its flanges can often be cut to accommodate installation it tight spaces.

Strut Clamps - aka "kindorf clamps" used in combination with strut/kindorf channel to support horizontal or vertical pipe runs. Strut channel and clamps are very versatile and allow to secure the pipe in all possible ways, including suspended from ceiling or against the wall. Strut channel can be secured with screws, bolts, anchors or suspended from above using threaded rod and beam clamps or ceiling plates. Use cushioned clamps for copper pipe and standard clamps for all other types.

Split Ring Hangers - support vertical or horizontal pipe runs. Used in combination with threaded rod and accessories to be attached to the wall, ceiling or beam.

Pipe Straps (2-hole) - allow to secure the piping directly to the mounting surface (wood, metal, masonry). Metal pipe straps attach the pipe flush to the mounting surface (so that there’s zero clearance between the two). Plastic pipe straps/clamps offset the pipe about 1/8" – 1/4" from the surface, depending on the size. Both are secured using screws. Note: plastic and copper plated pipe straps are for use with CTS tubing only (copper, PEX, CPVC); galvanized straps are for use with IPS (Iron Pipe Size) piping - black, PVC, galvanized, brass, etc.

Tube Talons – plastic clamps with a built-in nail or screw. These clamps allow to quickly and easily secure vertical or horizontal runs of CTS size piping (PEX, copper, CPVC) to a wooden surface.

J-hooks - used to suspend horizontal runs of DWV and Sch. 40 PVC or ABS pipe from a wooden beam. Each J-hook comes with (2) nails. These are a great choice for buildings with wooden beams and since they are made from plastic, they do not corrode in humid environment.

Hanger Strap - also known as "band iron", a perforated flexible metal strip which can supports the pipe where it is running parallel with a wooden beam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between black, galvanized and epoxy coated finish?
A: Epoxy coated hangers and clamps are for copper pipe sizes only - epoxy finish provides insulation between the pipe and the clamp metal. These work only with copper pipe sizes and will be too small for all other pipe types.
Galvanized is zinc-coated version of regular black hangers and clamps. The coating provides enhanced corrosion resistance, allowing for the support to last longer, especially in humid environment. These are used on nearly all pipe types (black, cast iron, PVC, etc.), except copper.

Q: How to find out the maximum weight load for a specific product?
A: If this information is not listed in the product description, see product specification sheet under "Literature" tab.

Q: Are clamp/hanger sizes listed for nominal pipe size or OD?
A: Nominal size for all hangers and clamps. All epoxy coated products are strictly for copper pipe. All black and galvanized products are for regular schedule 40 pipe, including black (gas pipe), galvanized, brass, steel, cast iron (no-hub), PVC and ABS - since all these have the same outside diameter.