Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps are available in standard and suspension types and are manufactured from reinforced Nylon for added strength and flexibility. There are also sometimes called "pipe clips" or "pipe straps"
Pipe clamps are used to secure and support PEX tubing, copper or CPVC pipes to various surfaces such as wood and metal. These clamps are split-type (snap over pipe) and can be installed using regular screws or nails.
Clamp size corresponds to the CTS pipe size, so 1/2" PEX/copper/CPVC pipe would need 1/2" clamp, 3/4" pipe - 3/4" clamp and so on.
Regular pipe clamps are mainly used to secure horizontal pipe runs to walls and studs.
Suspension pipe clamps are used for vertical runs and for pipe runs which penetrate studs and walls.