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3/4" PEX Plumbing Tubing (Non-Barrier)


NSF certified for potable water applications and lead-free compliant for all of the USA: ANSI/NSF 372, nsf-pw-g. Manufactured to ASTM F876/F877/F2023 and SDR9 standards. Pressure rated 79psi at 200F, 100psi at 180F and 160psi at 73F. 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.
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More About 3/4" Non-Barrier PEX

3/4" plumbing PEX replaces traditional 3/4" copper pipe used in potable water plumbing systems in residential and commercial applications. It offers better flexibility, requires significantly less connections then copper pipe and can be installed much quicker and easier. 3/4" PEX is typically used for main hot and cold water lines and is available in red and blue colors for easy distinction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I want to install a hot water recirculation system in my home using Grundfos Comfort pump. Can I use non-barrier PEX for this application?
A: Everhot PEX pipe lead-free compliant for potable water and is rated (NSF P171, PEX 5006) for continuous hot water recirculation in systems with up to 140F even where water is chlorinated. With other brands, you would need to check whether their pipe is rated for recirculation purposes.

Q: Can I use 3/4" non-barrier PEX for DIY insulated pipe for an outdoor wood boiler?
A: Yes, it can be used with non-pressurized wood burning boilers as long as all the parts in the system are non-corrosive (brass, bronze, steel, etc.). Note that the typical pipe size used for DIY insulated tubing is 1" PEX, mainly due to flow and pressure drop reasons.

Q: How do measure the length of PEX in my coil?
A: All PEX tubing is marked with length every 5ft from the center of the coil (0ft point) to the end of the pipe. Simply locate the imprint closest to the end of the pipe and it will indicate how many feet you have left.

Q: Where should I use 3/4" PEX in my plumbing system?
A: 3/4" PEX tubing is commonly used to deliver the water from a water heater or a main cold water supply line to the PEX manifold, where tubing size reduces to 1/2" and delivers water to a plumbing fixture. In some cases, 3/4" PEX can be used to directly deliver water to high-flow fixtures, such as shower jets.

Q: How to reduce pressure drop and increase outlet pressure at the fixture in a PEX plumbing system?
A: Major factors that account for pressure drop in a plumbing system, besides pipe diameter, are the length of PEX tubing and amount of fittings used in the pipe run. A larger size PEX always has a lower pressure drop. Select fittings, such as elbow can sometimes be substituted for bend supports. Overall, pressure drop in a typical plumbing system is too small to take into consideration.
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