1" PEX Plumbing Tubing (Non-Barrier)


1" non-barrier PEX-b tubing manufactured to ASTM F876/F877/F2023 and SDR9 standards. Lead-free compliant for all of the US and NSF certified for potable water use: ANSI/NSF 372, NSF/ANSI 61-G, nsf-pw-g. Pressure rated 79psi at 200F, 100psi at 180F and 160psi at 73F. 25-year warranty by the manufacturer.

More About 1" Non-Barrier PEX

1" non-barrier PEX is generally used for hot and cold water distribution in residential and commercial plumbing applications. It delivers high flow rates with low pressure drop and is suitable for medium to large scale installations.
1" PEX is also often used for non-pressurized (open-loop) outdoor wood boiler/furnace installations, given the pipe is properly insulated and buried in the trench below the freezing point.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use 1" non-barrier PEX for my outdoor wood furnace installation?
A: Typically, 1" oxygen barrier PEX is used when installing an outdoor wood boiler or furnace. However, if your heating system is non-pressurized and/or the parts in your system are all non-ferrous (non-cast iron, such as stainless steel heat exchanger, bronze or steel circulator pump, brass valves, etc.), you can use non-barrier PEX.

Q: Can this pipe be buried in a trench?
A: Yes, the pipe is suited for below-ground installation in a properly prepared trench with adequate insulation and other means of protection against damage.

Q: Can I splice PEX tubing in a trench?
A: Although not generally recommended, you can still splice the tubing as long as the connection remains accessible. See installation manual for splicing instructions.