Liberty Grinder Pumps

We offer a complete selection of manual and automatic grinder pumps by Liberty, including residential and commercial models.

About Liberty Grinder Pumps

Among the best in the industry, ProVore and Omnivore series grinder pumps offer solution to the common problem of sewage pump impeller clogging caused by rags, gloves, feminine products, diapers and similar waste. Liberty grinder pumps easily macerate the waste into fine slurry and discharge it to a sewer system or other designated location.
All models feature durable cast iron housing, 404 Stainless Steel cutter blade and plate with clean-out slots, and a rubber-coated carrying handle. Automatic models come with a wide-angle float switch.

Grinder Pump Series Overview


PRG Series Liberty ProVore pumps are the first on the market 1HP, 1-Phase residential grinder pumps, designed for installation in existing sewage basins or tanks and replacing existing sewage pumps. These pumps are available in 115V or 230V options and have a power cord with a plug. An optional (not required) PDC series external Duplex controller can be used to monitor 1 or 2 pumps and alert the owner in the event of malfunction.


The original grinder pump series from Liberty Pumps, Omnivore series includes 2HP, single-stage residential or commercial grinder pumps in both 1-Phase and 3-Phase versions. They are suitable for installation in apartment buildings, hotels, retail outlets, restaurants and others where high-pressure sewage pumping is needed. Compatible with SX or IP series controls.

Omnivore X2

A 2-stage variation of the original Omnivore series with dual stainless steel impellers, allowing for over 70% more head pressure.

Grinder Pump Series Comparison Chart

SeriesApplication, TypeHPVoltageDischarge, FNPTMax FlowMax. HeadImpellerPower Cord Length
ProVore (PRG)Residential, 1-Phase1115V, 230V2”46 GPM50 ftClass 25 Cast Iron10ft, 25ft
Ominivore (LSG200)Residential or Commercial, 1 or 3-Phase2208-230V, 440-480V, 575V1-1/4”50 GPM108 ft316 St. Steel25ft
Omnivore X2, 2-Stage (LSGX)Commercial, 1 or 3-Phase39 GPM185 ft300 St. Steel25ft, 35ft