Slant/Fin Multi/Pak 80 Baseboard Heaters

Multi/Pak 80 series includes high-end, extra-durable (thick steel) and sleek baseboard with versatile design and a wide range of accessories to fit the baseboard into any residential or commercial setting. It is thicker and higher (almost by 1") than Fine/Line and Base/Line series - to accommodate for a larger heating element (which also has a ~30% higher BTU output), has a 18-gauge kick-resistant front panel and has a definitive heft to it, which sets it apart from all the others.
Baseboard assemblies in this series come standard with a 3/4" copper heating element (~770 BTUs at 4GPM, 180°F) and only require end caps or wall trim for a complete installation.
Our Multi/Pak 80 selection includes baseboard assemblies (full enclosure + heating element, less end caps), enclosure-only (for repair/replacement), multiple heating element options and a wide range of installation accessories.