Slant/Fin Fine/Line 30 Baseboard Heaters

Fine/Line 30 series is a great mid-level baseboard which combines affordable cost with good looks and functionality. It has a thicker front panel (more kick/dent resistance) than Base/Line 2000 economy series and offers better looking accessories (end caps, splice plates, trim, etc). Fine/Line 30 is optimal for common residential home heating uses and is recognized as the industry standard for baseboards nationwide.
Our Fine/Line 30 series selection includes full baseboard assemblies (enclosure + heating element, less end caps), replacement/repair enclosure only (without heating element), replacement aluminum finned copper heating element and a complete array of installation accessories (caps, splice kits, valve access, etc.).
By default, each baseboard assembly comes with E-75 (3/4" copper, 610 BTU output at 4GPM, 180°F) heating element and only requires end caps or wall trim for a finished installation.