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PEX Manifold acts as a distribution center of a plumbing or radiant floor heating system. In radiant heating, there are 2 types of manifolds: Supply Manifold (or distribution manifold) and Return Manifold (or collector manifold). They are normally sold in pairs and called Radiant Heat Manifold Sets. In plumbing applications, a manifold is always a distribution (supply) type manifold, which separates the water flow from the main inlet and delivers water to designated locations through the branches.



Radiant Heating (Radiant Manifolds):

In radiant, hydronic, baseboard or any other type of heating system with multiple PEX lines there's a need for a distribution center which will allow to monitor the system, adjust flow parameters and provide timely maintenance. PEX heating manifolds by Everhot are designed for these specific purposes and offer many more additional features such as system filling/drainage, air elimination, shut-off on both supply & return sides and many others. Universal manifold outlets can accommodate various tubing types and sizes, making it easy to integrate the manifold with almost any system type and size.


PEX Plumbing Manifolds:

The fastest, most efficient and easiest way to distribute the hot and cold water through the PEX lines is by using the copper plumbing manifolds, such as ones designed and manufactured by Sioux Chief. Many of the models are available with PEX inlets/outlets, as well as left and right hand models (specific for Home-Run plumbing systems). With exception of the valved models, all Sioux Chief manifolds have one-piece solid construction, thus reducing the chances of leakage to zero.

Radiant Floor Heat Manifolds:

PEX manifolds for radiant heating applications made by Everhot are comprised of several materials, including a stainless steel or brass body, various brass parts, polymers and joint sealants. All materials are rated for continuous exposure to hot water and high pressure.

Plumbing Manifolds:

Sioux Chief manifolds are manufactured from high quality copper and models with valves has regular ¼-turn brass valves. Copper is only material approved for plumbing applications everywhere in the US and it has decades of proven performance and resistance to any type of domestic water.


PEX Radiant Heat Manifolds:

Before sizing a radiant heat manifold, several important factors must be considered:


1. Length of PEX tubing per manifold loop (branch). General installation recommendations indicate loop length ranging from 200ft to 500ft for PEX sizes 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". The length of the loop will have a direct impact on the manifold size, as longer loops will require smaller number of branches and vice versa.

For instance, a project requiring 1500 linear ft of PEX pipe with 500ft loops will require a 3-branch manifold (such as SSM103 or BSM103), whereas 300ft loops will require a 5-branch manifold (SSM105 or BSM005).

2. Total number of PEX loops (circuits). The number of PEX loops directly corresponds to the size of the radiant heat manifold. For example, a project with 6 loops will require a 6-branch manifold set (such as SSM106 or BSM006).

If the number of loops exceeds the manifold size (12 branches max.), a separate additional manifold should be considered, or the system needs to be divided into smaller manifolds to assure sufficient flow through each branch at peak heat demand.


The RPA (Radiant Panel Association) suggests the following flow, loop length and spacing for various PEX tube sizes:


3/8" PEX: 0.3 GPM, 200ft, 6"-9"


1/2" PEX: 0.6 GPM, 300ft, 9"-12"


5/8" PEX: 0.9 GPM, 400ft, 12"-16"


3/4" PEX: 1.2 GPM, 500ft, 12"-16"


Since Everhot PEX manifolds for radiant heating have a max. 1.2 GPM flow per branch, they are well suited for all the listed PEX tube sizes.


PEX Manifolds for Plumbing:


Sizing process is easy, as all that’s needed is to match the number of PEX lines to the number of manifold branches and select a model with proper branch and inlet (outlet) type and size.


Note that a PEX manifold can have open-end and closed end (spin closed or spun closed), such as 672XV0699 and 672XV0690 respectively. Additionally, a manifold can be Left or Right, indicating the side of the manifold which is closed. Examples are 672XV1010L and 672XV1010 respectively.

Everhot Manifolds for Radiant Heating:

Nearly all of the radiant manifolds on the market available from other manufacturers such as Watts, Zurn, Uponor, Viega, Mr. PEX, Caleffi and others come disassembled and often do not include isolation valves, drain valves, air vents, etc. A cross-reference can only be performed when all of the components are added up.


Feature-wise, Everhot PEX radiant manifolds either offer all the same features or have additional and/or improved ones (such as flow capacity, mounting brackets, etc.).


Sioux Chief PEX Plumbing Manifolds:

Sioux Chief manifolds replace any other similar type copper or poly manifolds made by companies such as Watts, Zurn, Nibco and many others.

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