3/4" PEX Tubing w/ Oxygen Barrier

Standards: ASTM F876/F877, CSA B137.5, DIN 4726, NSF 14, SDR 9
Certifications: nsf-rfh (Radiant Floor Heating)
UPC Listed by IAPMO
Minimum bend. radius: 7"
Pressure rated 100psi @ 180F.
Warrantied by the manufacturer.

Compatible with the following connection systems:
1. Crimp Tool, Crimp Rings and Crimp Fittings.
2. Ratchet Clamp Tool, Stainless Steel Clamps (Cinch Clamps) and Crimp Fittings.
3. Press Tool, St. Steel Press Sleeves and Press Fittings.
4. SharkBite fittings.

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3/4" x 300ft PEX Tubing with Oxygen Barrier

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3/4" x 500ft PEX Tubing with Oxygen Barrier

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$214.95 / each
$629.85 / skid
($209.95 / each)
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3/4" oxygen barrier PEX tubing is best suited for:
1. Snow melt systems, which require high flow rates and longer tubing runs.
2. Radiant heating of structural (reinforced) concrete slabs - in warehouses, garages and other facilities.
3. Baseboard and radiator hydronic heating systems.

In small to medium size projects, 3/4" oxygen barrier PEX can be used for running supply and return lines to a radiant heat manifold or a boiler. For large size manifold systems, 1" PEX pipe with oxygen barrier is used.

Typical circuit length for 3/4" barrier PEX depends on the application:
300-500ft - radiant heating systems;
330ft max. for snow melting systems.

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