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Brass PEX Fittings & Valves

We carry a large variety of brass crimp style PEX fittings and PEX valves (ball valves, stop valves, frost-free sillcocks) to accommodate any installation needs. We also offer all sizes of copper crimp rings and stainless steel PEX clamps.

Brass crimp style PEX fittings can be installed using a crimp or clamp connection systems:
The use of Crimp connection system requires a PEX Crimp Tool and Copper Crimp Rings.
The use of Clamp connection system requires a PEX Clamp Tool (also known as Cinch Tool) and Stainless Steel PEX Clamps (also known as Cinch Clamps).

When selecting PEX fittings, match the size of PEX tubing to the size of PEX fittings. With PEX to Copper of PEX to Thread transitions, always connect the PEX part of the fitting last. If it is a sweat connection, cool off the fitting prior to connecting it with PEX.
It is important to fully insert the PEX fitting into the pipe, as it will assure a long-lasting and leak-free connection.

Brass crimp style PEX fittings are compatible with all types of PEX tubing (A, B or C), but not compatible with PEX-Al-PEX tubing.

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