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PEX Manifolds for Plumbing

Sioux Chief is the leading US manufacturer of PEX manifolds and copper headers for PEX plumbing applications. These manifolds are sold individually and are available in a variety of models to meet any plumbing project needs. Most common PEX manifolds are supplied with 1/2” PEX (ASTM F1807) crimp style outlets or 1/2" PEX valves, and are compatible with all types of PEX tubing. Sioux Chief manifolds can be installed using a crimp connection system (crimp rings + crimp tool) or clamp connection system (clamp tool + st. steel clamps).
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All Sioux Chief PEX manifolds sold at PexUniverse.com are Lead-Free compliant.

Sioux Chief Manifolds are made in the USA from pure copper and are the highest quality copper manifolds on the market. They are commonly used for PEX plumbing projects and are available in a wide range of types and sizes.

Q: Can I use Sioux Chief copper manifolds for Radiant Floor Heating?
A: Radiant heating applications require balancing valves or other means of flow/temperature regulation, which copper manifolds don't have, so we do not recommend the use of these manifolds for floor heating applications unless proper system balancing is present. Under normal conditions, these manifolds are intended for PEX plumbing only.

Q: Which tubing types & brands are these manifolds compatible with?
A: Outlets on the Sioux Chief manifolds we carry are per ASTM F1807 and are compatible with all types of tubing (PEX-a,b,c), except PEX-AL-PEX.
Note: Although PEX-a tubing utilizes an expansion connection method, it is still compatible with crimp or clamp connection method and crimp style fittings.

Q: How do i tell the difference between a left hand and a right hand manifold?
A: In right-hand manifolds, water will be moving to the right, while in left-hand ones, to the left.

Q: Can I use Sioux Chief manifolds for a Home Run System?
A: Yes, these manifolds are well suited for PEX Home Run Systems and can be installed next to each other by using a bracket support system or plain pipe clamps.

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