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Taco Circulator Pumps & Flanges

This section features a variety of Taco circulator pumps, pump flanges, isolator valves and replacement cartridges.

Taco is the leading US manufacturer of circulator pumps for radiant heating, hydronic heating and other water recirculation applications. PexUniverse.com has a large selection of Taco circulators in cast iron, bronze and stainless steel, including the famous Taco 007 circulator pump.

Each Taco pump has different head and flow parameters, allowing to select a model that works best for a given system. The more precisely circulator is selected, the more efficiently the system will work.
Cast iron Taco pumps are common for closed loop hydronic and radiant heating systems, while bronze and stainless steel models are used primarily for open loop and domestic water systems.

Taco 007 circulator is the most common for residential applications, and is designed with low head and medium flow parameters.
Taco 00R-msf1-ifc model has 3 speeds and is best suited for radiant heating applications.
Taco 008 circulator works well in combination with radiant heat manifolds and pressure bypass valves in most residential heating applications.
The 009-f5 Taco pump is specifically designed for low flow and high head applications such as with long pipe runs.
Taco 0011-f4 circulator pump is well suited for high flow and medium head applications, such as with condensing boilers and outdoor wood stoves.

When zoning with circulators, use Taco Switching Relays.

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