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Grundfos and Taco Circulator Pumps, Flanges

PexUniverse.com offers the largest selection of Grundfos and Taco circulator pumps on the internet.

Circulator Pumps by Taco:
Our selection of Taco circulator pumps includes cast iron, bronze and stainless steel models in single speed, 3-speed and variable speed options, as well as with normal and rotated flange orientation, optional check valves and other features. Additionally, we sell priority zoning circulators, Taco XBP-1 and Taco RMB-1 mixing blocks, and a large selection of Taco replacement cartridges.

Circulator Pumps by Grundfos:
PexUniverse.com proudly offers the largest selection of Grundfos pumps on the internet. We stock a large variety of Grundfos circulator pumps in cast iron, bronze and stainless steel construction, with single-speed (UP), 3-speed (UPS) or variable speed (Alpha) options. Select models available with built-in check valve, timer, aquastat and line cord. We also offer complete selection of Grundfos Comfort System pumps and parts.

Sizing a circulator pump:
All typical circulator pumps (single speed and 3-speed) are sized using the total combined pressure drop in the system and required system flow. The pressure drop calculations are comprised of determining the drop due to friction of water (this data is available in pipe manufacturer's specifications) and the drop due to elevation (delivering the water at designated height). The system flow is generally correlated with the total amount of heat needed for the building. When calculated, flow (X) and pressure drop (Y) are compared with pump curves chart available from the manufacturer (the chart displays performance of the circulators at given flow and pressure drop). Using X and Y coordinates, a pump with closest performance is selected.
Additional considerations in sizing should include questions such as pump's casing material (cast iron/bronze/steel), check valve availability, connection options and others.

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