PexUniverse.com is the #1 source for any type of pumps, whether for plumbing or heating applications. This category includes plumbing pumps from manufacturers such as Grundfos, Little Giant and Liberty Pumps.

Grundfos Pumps:
Grundfos line of plumbing pumps includes deep well pumps ranging from small residential to large commercial models, shallow well and convertible well jet pumps, BMQE booster system products and the all-in-one Grundfos MQ3 series booster pumps.

Little Giant Pumps:
Our selection of Little Giant Pumps includes sump pumps, sewage pumps, utility pumps, as well as effluent, grinder, condensate, pool, fountain, aquarium, magnetic drive pumps and many, many other types.

Liberty Pumps:
Our selection of Liberty Pumps is mainly for water transfer, waste water and gray water products (sump, sewage and effluent), as well as sump pump backup systems (both water-powered and battery-powered), sewage ejector systems (basins w/ pre-installed pump), toilet systems and others.

FloForce Jet Pumps:
Easy to set-up and use, FloForce jet pumps are the optimal choice for residential and light commercial well water needs. Choose shallow well jet pumps for wells, ponds and lakes less than 25ft deep or convertible jet pumps for wells up to 82ft deep or applications with varying water table. These pumps come with a factory pressure switch preset at 20/40 psi which can be adjusted as needed and works best when used with Amtrol Well-X-Trol series well tanks.

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