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Pex Universe has the largest selection of PEX Plumbing Supplies, including PEX Plumbing Tubing, PEX Fittings & PEX Valves, PEX Manifolds, PEX Tools, Installation Accessories, Ox Box Outlet Boxes and many more. We carry brand names such as Everhot, Sioux Chief, Matco Norca and many others. Select a category below to learn more about our product lines.

PEX Plumbing Pipe:
Non-barrier PEX pipe is the right type of tubing for use in PEX plumbing applications. PEX plumbing pipe is usually available in 2 or 3 colors, such as red (for hot), blue (for cold) or white (for either one) and comes in sizes ranging from 3/8" all the way up to 1".

PEX Plumbing Manifolds:
Made by Sioux Chief, these copper PEX manifolds are ideally suited for any PEX plumbing system and are available in a variety of inlet/outlet sizes and trunk options. Models are available both with and without shutoff ball valves.

PEX Fittings:
Fittings are an essential part of the PEX plumbing project and should be selected to match the PEX pipe sizes. Crimp style PEX plumbing fittings must be used with either crimp system (PEX crimp tool + copper crimp rings) or clamp system (PEX cinch tool + cinch clamps) to assure a solid connection.

PEX Tools:
Tools for PEX plumbing projects usually consist of the following major types: PEX cutter - to cut the PEX pipe to the length required; crimp or clamp tool - to connect PEX tubing with PEX fittings; PEX staplers and clip guns - to secure the tubing to foam or wooden surfaces respectively. Other tools may include reamers, decrimpers, uncoilers, etc.

PEX Installation Accessories:
Nearly all of the PEX plumbing accessories are designed for a single purpose - to provide proper means of securing the PEX pipe and holding it in place. The most common types are tube talons and pipe clamps, followed by bend supports and stub out elbows.

Outlet Boxes:
Any time you need to install a washing machine, icemaker or even a gas appliance, a Sioux Chief outlet box can help to make the job faster and better looking.

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