1/2" PEX Brass Ball Valve w/ Waste Outlet, Full Port (Lead-Free)
Brand: Wright Valves
Part#: VPP012-D-LF
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1/2" PEX Ball Valve with Waste Outlet features equal 1/2" PEX crimp style connections on both sides on the valve. PEX Tubing can be connected to the valve using either crimp or clamp (cinch) connection methods. Approved for potable water use in all states.

Technical Specifications:
  • Connections: 1/2" PEX, crimp style (per ASTM F1807)
  • Pressure Ratings: 600 psi Non-Shock WOG
  • Standard Working Pressure: 150psi
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 200°F
  • Valve Body Material: Lead-Free Brass (meets NSF/ANSI 372)
  • Seats: Teflon
  • Handle Type: 1/4 - turn, Stainless Steel
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What is the "waste outlet" for and when would I need one?
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It's most useful for quick bleeding of air from the system. It's not required but may be useful depending on the configuration of the system.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 02/19/2018

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