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1/2" PEX Tee, Mini-Rester Water Hammer Arrestor (Lead-Free)
Brand: Sioux Chief
Part#: 660-GTX2B
made in usa

Sioux Chief Mini-Rester Water Hammer Arrestor (660-TX2B) is desirable item on the washing machine, Icemakers, Dishwasher, Toilets etc. All of these may have fast acting valves and are susceptible to water hammer. Water Hammer Arrestors is used for eliminating of water surges.
The Water Hammer Arrestor has (2) o-ring piston for controlling water hammer, which separates a pressurized cushion of air from the water system that prevents the air charge from being lost.
The Water Hammer can be installed at any angle.
The mark "No Lead" comply with national, no lead product material requirements and also comply with NSF-61, which allows the product to contain no more than 0.25% lead.
Certifications and Approvals:
Certified by ASSE to the ANSI/ASSE 1010-2004 Standard.

The Water Hammer Arrestor can be used for the following applications: home, duplexes, apartments, condominiums, motels, hotels and military housing. Water Hammer Arrestor is recommended to be placed directly on a washing machine or to washing machine supply valves.
  • Can be installed at any angle
  • No access panel required for installing on sealed wall
  • Can be installed on any new rough or retrofit applications
  • Size of Arrestor is AA
  • High efficiency in the case of installing on washing machine.

Technical Specifications:
  • Connection: 1/2" PEX crimp tee
  • Max. Temperature (F): 250
  • Max. Pressure (PSIG): 350
  • Materials: body is copper tube, piston is poly piston with two EPDM o-rings, piston lubrication is Dow-corning, 111 FDA approved silicone compound.
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