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3/8" Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing


3/8" barrier PEX is NSF certified for radiant floor heating applications (nsf-rfh) and is manufactured to ASTM F876/F877, CSA B137.5, DIN 4726, ANSI/NSF 14 and SDR 9 standards. It has a minimum bending radius of 4" and is pressure rated 100 psi at up to 180F. 25-year manufacturer warranty.

More About 3/8" Oxygen Barrier PEX

3/8" is the smallest of all oxygen barrier PEX sizes and is therefore, very common for residential thin-slab radiant floor heating. It produces the least elevation and requires the least amount of gypsum concrete for the slab. It is also the most flexible size PEX, allowing for quicker and easier installation and optimal heat distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the recommended loop length for 3/8" PEX?
A: 3/8" PEX is generally installed in loop lengths ranging from 200ft to 250ft. It is not recommended to install this tubing size in lengths longer than 300ft.

Q: 1/2" or 3/8" PEX - which is better suited for in-floor radiant heating?
A: 1/2" size PEX is by far the most popular for radiant floors, mainly due to the loop length allowances, pressure drop characteristics and comparable pricing. It is the primary choice for subfloor (staple-up) radiant floor heating. 3/8" size is often used for in-floor thin-slab radiant heating and is also compatible with select pre-manufactured floor panels.