3/8" x 3/8" Push To Connect Coupling, Lead-Free
Brand: OmniGrip
Part#: PF-C2-LF
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This coupling connects two 3/8" CTS pipes together in a straight line. (2) PEX stiffeners included.

  • Lead Free, approved for potable water use
  • PEX inserts included
  • Meets/exceeds ASSE 1061
  • Certified to UPC (U.S.A.) and NPC (Canada)
  • Compatible with CTS piping such as PEX, copper and CPVC.
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3/8"x 3/8" description is a measurement of what?
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3/8" is CTS (Copper Tubing Size). This means the fitting would work on pipe with 3/8" CTS: 3/8" copper, PEX or CPVC pipe. OD (Outside Diameter) on all CTS piping is always 1/8" larger than CTS size itself - therefore a 3/8" pipe (PEX/copper/CPVC) will have a 1/2" OD.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/17/2016

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