Beacon Morris K42 Kickspace Heater Twin-Flo III, 1480-5240 BTU, 53 CFM
Brand: Beacon Morris
Part#: K42
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The Beacon Morris K42 Twin-Flo III is a Kickspace Heater with 1480-5240 BTU/Hr range that saves space and is an alternate to hot water baseboards. It's a small device designed to install in inconspicuous areas. This Kickspace Heater (type K) is primarily used in horizontal floor installation. For example, they fit easily under kitchen cabinets, or bathroom sink enclosure. They are ideal for radiant systems with the use of a low temperature aquastat designed to turn the unit on at 110F.

The Twin-Flo III is available in three different models. Model K42, Model K84 and Model K120. They differ in size, dimensions and power. The Beacon Morris K42 is the smallest design. This model is ideal to fit under cabinets. The next biggest model, Model K84 is slightly bigger and good for kitchens, baths and foyers. The biggest and most powerful model is the K120. This model is suited to fit under stair risers and windows.

The new Beacon Morris Twin-Flo III models offer improvements in heating capacity, quiet operation, appearance and reliability. The models are designed for fast and easy installation. Sealed, triple ball bearing construction provides protection for the motor and fan. This allows years of quiet and reliable service.

Beacon Morris Kickspace Heaters work with the home's hot-water heating system to keep hard to heat areas warm and comfortable. You don't need a boiler to stay warm. Twin-Flo III units can provide spot heat using the domestic hot water heater as a source of heat.

The Beacon Morris K42 has heating elements with 1/2" nominal copper tube connections. Its 115V electric blower motor interwired with a 120F reverse acting aquastat that prevents operation until hot water is circulating. Optional low temperature aquastat available for low temperature applications. Standard Aquastat Range 120 - 105 F; Low Temp Aquastat Range 110 - 95 F.

NOTE: NOT intended to be used on one or two pipe steam systems. For gravity fed systems, it is recommended that a separate circulator pump be installed for the kick space heater.
Always make sure that the air grille is not blocked by foreign objects or materials. Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner tool is advised, with frequency determined by prevailing conditions.

Technical Specifications:
  • BTU/Hr: 1480-5240
  • Flow Rate: 1-3 GPM
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Cubic Foot per Minute (High Speed): 53
  • Amp: 0.50
  • Watt: 30.7
  • RPM: 3200
  • HP: 0.34
  • Width: 12-1/4"
  • Height: 3-7/8"
  • Depth: 12-3/4"
  • Connection: 1/2" nominal (5/8 O.D.) copper tube
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5 years manufacturer's warranty
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I’d like to gave plumber install this toe kick heater into my base kitchen cabinets. Be he says a new line will have to be installed (removing wall base board heaters and replacing with one of these), days this unit light mskevthe rest of the down stream heaters low or no efficiency. The way I view it is the flow goes to the unitard bypasses so !?
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You don't need a new line - see page 4 of the manual - it shows how you can integrate the heater with either 1-pipe or 2-pipe system. You can optionally use HK-10 kit instead of hard copper piping. As for efficiency, the unit will certainly use some of the energy, but is unlikely to affect overall heating system performance due to it's small size. Keep in mind that this is just an aluminum finned copper pipe (which is probably about 4ft long) with a blower motor to facilitate heat transfer, approximately equal to a 4ft standard baseboard.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/26/2017

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